Growth fund

Growth fund

The growth fund is an investment fund with growing the capital sum invested as its primary goal.

It can be an ETF or an MF.

How does a growth fund works?

Growth funds may be the best option for those who won’t be retiring anytime soon due to their high-risk, high-reward investment philosophy. Generally speaking, investors need a five- to ten-year holding period and risk tolerance. The above-average sales and earnings improvements these companies generate serve as a trade-off for investors.

What is the growth and Income Fund?

A growth and income fund is basically a dual strategy of investing in stock, which leads to capital appreciation as well as providing income such as dividends as well. It is investing in both growth and value stocks.

Is it a good choice to invest in growth funds?

Yes, Growth funds provide high capital appreciation. The amount that is distributed as dividends gets divided between a no. of shareholders, which leaves each shareholder with a very minimal amount. The same amount is huge for the company as a whole, and reinvesting it in for further growth of the company leads to a higher increase in the value of stocks.

What do growth investors look for?

They invest in companies that have laid out growth plans and investment strategies. 

They look for companies which provide capital appreciation.