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Is GenZ not Googling?💻

 Our go-to search engine is not being searched enough these days as Instagram and Tiktok blew up. Google is now on the verge of losing its charm as kids get addicted to Instagram and Tiktok algorithms.

 But all of sudden?

 No, since a long time after short video platforms bloomed, GenZ is dependent on them for pretty much everything these days. Around 40% of the demographic search through Instagram and Tiktok for any nearby recommendations and suggestions. FYI, TikTok dethroned Google as the most-visited website last year.

 Also, Instagram and Tiktok have updated algorithms that give the most relevant and specific search results which is making their reliance justified and Amazon was already the king of product search. 

Where did Google go wrong?

 As unsettling as it can get for the tech giant, Google found that the new set of users come with different mindsets and expectations that Google is not accustomed to. Tiktok as a bite-sized video platform has changed the horizon of the online surfing experience.

 The new search expectations and queries generated are entirely different from the past expectations. This calls for an updated algorithm with user-specific results.

 Google plans to go younger?

Certainly, it seems. To get the young eyeballs again, it’s in talks with Meta and ByteDance, both of the parent companies to indulge the bite-sized video content as search results.

 TikTok already harmed the Youtube business and is now planning to step into the Search and Maps business as well. So, for Google to retain the throne it has to innovate and re-win its search engine power back.

Google be like :

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 5% GST on smaller packs? Bring it on, says companies by preparing for selling in bulk. Consumer goods companies will need to tweak their packaging into larger sizes, above 25 Kgs if it wants to save on GST. Recent amendments to consumer goods made companies play smart with their packaging. And why not? In fact, who won’t mind saving a few bucks on taxes?

 Here’s what happened.

 Consumer goods companies pivoted to selling packs over 25 kg to save on GST. This came as a consequential shift after CBIC declared 5% GST levied on packs smaller than 25 kgs.

This is implied in companies selling branded cereals, rice, and pulses with pre-packaged and pre-labelled items up to 25 kgs. So no tax on packages above 25 Kg? Exactly!!

But didn’t the companies know about this? They’re obviously aware of this and are shifting their packaging and distribution with the following hack.

Buy bulk, sell small

 Companies have one end distributor and it’s none other than the local ‘Kirana’ stores. So instead of delivering small packages and paying 5% on each of them, companies will now supply 25 Kg or above of the goods in bulk to the Kirana vendor. Further, he shall sell it loosely without any GST.

This way, the 5% GST annoyance can be avoided and GST is exempted on packages above 25kgs and also on loose selling.

 A win-win for both, the companies and Kirana vendors.

Spectrum saga speeds up 📱

As India is about to welcome the 5G network, telecom giants are playing ugly cards to snatch the monopoly. There was already a duo fight going on about the bid, but things got worse when the third entered.

The 5G got 3 eyes…

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio and Sunil Bharti Mittal’s Airtel got shocked when the port pro-Adani decided to lurk in the 5G bid.

Vodafone too applied for the bid but the matter seems hotter between the other three.

Adani justifies the bid for providing private network solutions with enhanced cybersecurity to its airport and logistics network. Also, its power generation, transmission, and distribution business along with the super app that’s into the making will need the airwaves. A very diplomatic statement but we all know why he’s into it. It’s no secret that 5G telecom is going to boom and now Adani also wants to sell data it seems.

A not-so-cold war between gujju billionaires?

Ambani and Adani both have Gujarati roots and business know-how that has made them the wealthiest in the country and on a global level. Both of them rule over different sectors and have never been in each other’s path until now. The former is a petrochemical giant who explored telecom afterward while the latter is a Porter head who went ahead with the aviation and energy distribution business.

As for now, both giants didn’t have a clash so far but this bid might bittersweet their business bond. After this bid, their interest seems overlapping as both got their eyes on one sector that too for the first time. Let’s see who bids high enough to take over the 5G game.

Every bidder be like:

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ITC to separate Hotel business 💔

ITC is once again on the way to flourishing its Hotel business which was badly affected by Covid protocols. The demerger which was bound to happen earlier was put on hold due to the industry backlash, now much likely on the table.

Why demerger?

Following the recovery of the hospitality industry post-Covid, ITC wants to revive its demerger plan and separate the Hotel business from tobacco and other domains.

When it comes to the Hotel business, ITC runs India’s second largest hotel business. It together owns and manages 113 properties across the nation.

The reward – As a consequence of the demerger announcement, ITC hits Rs. 300 on the stock market that too after 3 years. The hotel business is now expected to flourish with industry recovery dynamics as tourism is resumed with a long hold. Let’s see how this demerger will contribute to the business. Investors though have been rewarded already with massive outperformance in these choppy times!

Europe under gas crisis 😩

The 10-day shutdown of natural gas flowing from Russia had Europe in an energy crisis. Russia has been the main source of gas for Europe for several years and now it’s threatening to discontinue it.

 Was it a deliberate move with the intention of blackmailing Europe? Know it yourself.

 Natural Gas nuisance for Europe

 German officials feared the 10-day blockage of natural gas might never open under the current Russia-Ukraine war tension. This happened after Mr Putin already warned about a suspension.

Russia’s defence – Russian officials stated maintenance and technical defaults as the underlying cause. If only they were to be believed!

As a safety cushion, Europe signed a new natural gas deal to secure future gas arrears with Azerbaijan. Is Russia trying all its might to create pressure and end this never-ending tussle? We shall find out sooner than later!

What else made the news?

💪Women Power: Draupadi Murmu, the first tribal and 2nd woman is all set to begin her reign as the 15th President of India

🚕Uber files flying: Uber official leaked a 4-month long confidential investigation report to Britain’s Guardian Newspaper containing conversations between Uber executives and World leaders across various countries

🏆Loyalty rewarded A record-breaking 73 Indian Companies rewarded their loyal investors by declaring bonus shares

👑Reigning king: While FMCG space bitten by volume and margin decline, HUL outshines with a rise in margins by 11% 6% rise in volume growth in 1Q

📈Buy the dip? Gold drops to 15 month low as the dollar strengthens and interest rate hikes. Will the metal revive?

⏳End of an era: Prashant Jain, one of the poster boys of the Indian MF industry and also among the longest serving, has called it quits.

What Tavaga Tribe has been up to this week?

Reading The One Thing by Gary Keller. The book talks about how to remove distractions in our daily life, be it professional or personal so that the most important thing can be heeded.

Listening: On Purpose, by Jay ShettyA monk’s thoughts on modern life woven with spirituality and Bhagavad Gita’s lessons makes it an interesting conversation to listen to.

Meme of the week

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