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What Is Tavaga?

by Tavaga Invest

By: Tavaga Research

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Tavaga offers an innovative technology interface for investors through a mobile application. It empowers retail investors by giving them access to the same technology, processes, advice, and investment products as those used by professional investment funds. Tavaga aims to empower investors by helping them save more for and achieve user-defined goals, through investments in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). 

Tavaga is everything you need to start saving for your goals, stay on track, and achieve them in time. 

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Sophisticated financial advice cannot be a prerogative of the privileged. Tavaga’s mission is to increase the penetration of financial assets by ensuring that quality advice is accessible by all customers, irrespective of their economic status. Use of Technology ensures that our services are the most cost-effective services that are available to the customers.

Tavaga is a personal investment management platform that aims to demystify finance for the retail investor. Off-the-rack investment options such as Mutual Funds do not meet the individual needs of every investor. Tavaga’s vision is to cater to investors’ goals and needs through more transparent and efficient investing. Apart from the use of ETFs, we also bring in several value-added methodologies that have shown tremendous value for global Robo-advisors and ensure the maximal benefits of investing are available to the customer. These are:

Goal-based Investing– Focusing customers on their goals instead of the investment products in their portfolio has several advantages documented by behavioral finance experts. This includes the leverage of “mental accounting” biases to ensure stable investor behavior, thus keeping the benefits clearly in mind and avoiding unnecessary portfolio churn. Further, it helps in reducing discretion over complex financial decisions such as asset allocation and rebalancing. The customer still has the right to approve the trades, as per SEBI guidelines.

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Source: Tavaga Research

Glide path Investing– The glide path refers to a formula that defines the asset allocation mix, based on the number of years to the target date. The glide path creates an asset allocation that becomes more conservative (i.e., includes more fixed-income assets and fewer equities) the closer the target date approaches. This technique allows investors to be confident of reaching their goals on time, reducing uncertainty and exposure to market volatility. 

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Source: Tavaga Research

Tavaga ensures, via its automated app-based process, that the risk assessment process is highly gamified, with no reference to complex financial terms, but instead an interactive tool to measure real responses in simulated market situations. This allows customization of investment portfolios to individual requirements, keeping in consideration investors’ individual attributes (such as age, income) that determine their risk appetite and willingness.

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