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As a part of digitisation efforts, the Government of India plans to implement a 14-digit number to identify also called the Unique Land Parcel Identification Number (ULPIN) for every plot of land in the country. These numbers would further integrate with bank records, revenue court records, with an option to further voluntarily link Aadhaar numbers. Apart from digitisation, the major agenda behind this exercise is to reduce/prevent land frauds and streamline the benefits distributions.

This scheme is a part of the ‘Digital India Land Records Modernisation Programme’ (DILMPR) which began in 2008 and has already been extended multiple times. The ULPINs are estimated to be rolled out PAN India by March 2022 and have already been launched in 10 states by now.

How will the digitisation of land work?

The Land identification will be quite systematic and based on the longitude and latitude coordinates of the plots using information from detailed surveys. The computerization of land records, setting up of record rooms, and digitisation of maps had already begun as a part of DILPMR. As of now, ~90% of the land records in the country have been computerized, ~2,200 record rooms have been set up and ~70% of cadastral maps have been digitized. As per NCAER Land Record and Services Index 2021, while Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Odisha, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu were the top performers in the digitalisation process, without a doubt all states have shown improvements in their digitalisation efforts. Seeing the progress, it seems that the government is all set to meet the deadlines for ULPIN implementation.


However, this may not be the ultimate solution of government scheme delivery as there as certain challenges which include one-time delay due to the implementation. Also, since many government schemes are meant for cultivators who may not always be the landowners, the ULPIN might not serve the purpose in all cases. Since ~50% of landowners have simply put their lands on rent, we still need some more digitalization wherein cultivators are also mapped along with the ULPINs so that benefits flow to the intended beneficiaries only.

Disclaimer: The write-up is for educational purposes only.

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