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We at Tavaga have always strive to provide best in class advice and experience to all our users. Through the Tavaga-5Paisa partnership, both the companies are trying to bridge the gap of quality advice meeting impeccable execution, along with bringing more consumers into the investing universe who had, till now, explored only traditional methods of investing.

About 5paisa.com :- They are a leading online stock broker in India that offers discount brokerage services to retail investors. It has close to 3 million customers as of May 2022. The brokerage fee that 5paisa charges is 0%. The majority of trading occurs on its app, which is not surprising given its intuitive layout. It provides a variety of financial features and tools. Recent enhancements have been made to the 5paisa platforms (app and web) to provide an overall seamless experience. The 5paisa trading platform has a Mobile Trading App, a Trading Website, and a Trading Terminal that can be downloaded and installed. These platforms are developed using cutting-edge technology and are known for having the best use of mobile technology in financial services.

5Paisa users can download the Tavaga app and just link their trading account to get the experience.

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