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Customized Advisory Services

Tavaga’s customized advisory services is a one-stop shop for all your personal finance needs! Our bespoke services include personalized investment solutions taking into consideration your specific risk appetite, time horizon and financial goals in order to safeguard your investments against market volatility, so you can have peace of mind while your money works for you. Our tailor-made, core services include:

Currently, just under 5 % of Indians actively participate in the capital markets. Lack of financial literacy and gross mis-spelling of financial products coupled with the menace of trailing commissions has resulted in investors steering away from financial markets. At Tavaga, we aim to address this problem by leveraging our extensive experience in the investment advisory industry to provide a range of bespoke services tailored to your specific investment needs. By cultivating strong client relationships, adopting a "no commission, fee-only" model, and adhering to high ethical principles, our mission is to increase financial inclusion in the country and be the most trustworthy destination for managing your financial needs. Our advisory is composed of investments in diversified products that can drive consistent and healthy growth over long periods of time. Our portfolio construction involves a data-driven and in-depth bottom-up approach to create an investment strategy to safeguard your portfolio against market volatility.

Tavaga Differentiation Product Portfolio
Regulated by SEBI as Registered Investment Advisor 1. Direct Equities
No chat boxes; qualified dedicated managers 2. Index Funds & ETFs
Quarterly portfolio reviews 3. Direct Mutual Funds
Fee-only business model; no trailing commissions 4. Corporate Bonds, Government Securities & Commodities
Combined experience of 5 decades 5. Structured Products
Unbiased, suitability driven advice 6. Unlisted Shares & Start-Up Advisory

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