The Objective

Corporate treasury has evolved into a strategic function. A corporate treasurer or Chief Financial Officer (CFO) must be equipped with an understanding of financial risks, liquidity, complexities of the regulatory landscape, and other related business challenges that may be a threat to the visions of achieving objectives of the treasury. Our Treasury Advisory practice includes an array of services tailored to support your institution in managing liquidity and discovering opportunities for value creation. We provide services across different domains under treasury management, risk and liquidity management, and technology support.

Key Challenges for Treasury Managers

Aligning business objectives & financial risk management

Calculating cash flow risk & volatility

Addressing surpluses and their return on equity

Heavy compliance and regulatory requirements

Optimizing financial supply chain

Leveraging technology

Managing liquidity & optimum capital structure for value maximisation of all stake-holders

Tavaga’s Service Offerings to Corporate Treasurers

Tavaga's Corporate Treasury Advisory is an amalgamation of our team's competencies of performance management, operations, cutting edge technology, risk management, financial acumen, domain expertise, industry-wide relationships & understanding of the regulatory ecosystem. Our experts will provide your treasuries with constant support and clear guidance around risk mitigation, optimum capital structure, financial restructuring asset-liability alignment, interest rate management, decision support, and quantitative analysis.

Fact Sheet

  • One Year Return*

  • Returns Type

  • Risk

  • Investment Horizon

  • Loan Against Borrowing

  • Fixed Deposits

  • 5.5%
  • Guaranteed
  • Negligible
  • 7 days – 10 years
  • Yes
  • Debt Mutual Funds

  • 6.0%
  • Linked to Markets
  • Linked to Markets
  • All Investment Horizons
  • Yes
  • G-Sec Bonds

  • 6.25%
  • Guaranteed
  • Negligible
  • Less than 1 year
  • Yes

*As per current market rates and subject to change

Snapshot – Corporate Finance Advisory

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