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Why Tavaga is right for you?

Tavaga values integrity, passion, the will to learn and a determination to succeed. Tavaga is the right place for you if you are keen to explore, develop and grow as a professional in the fast-growing fintech world.

Learning and Development

Tavaga emphasises on building human competencies which are critical to continued growth and success. Tavaga encourages its employees to focus on developing their skills, knowledge and understanding continuously. Each person is given the freedom to take their decisions, and the responsibility to make Tavaga grow through innovation and experimentation.

Work Culture

At Tavaga, work culture plays an important role in enabling the employees to give their best and making them stay with the organisation for a long duration. Employee-friendly policies make the work culture healthy and cordial. We promote team-building activities to promote bonding among employees. A diverse and balanced work environment makes Tavaga an ethical and exciting workplace.

What do our employees Say?


Having worked at Tavaga as an intern prior to this, I can vouch the amazing work environment here I've seen the organisation grow from a two-member team to a 20-member one and this is just the beginningof the journey!


I had a great experience as an intern at Tavaga, especially with the supportive environment, and knowledgeable people all around.
I was able to develop my interest in finance due to the daily discussions with my mentor and colleagues (which contained a lot of financial jargon I didn't understand initially xD).
I as an intern even had a choice to decide and work in any department of the firm after getting introduced to all the departments.
The work was interesting and the no pressure environment created by the employer and the employees alike was incredible to work in.


My experience as an Intern at Tavaga has been a big learning curve in my career! I got the opportunity to blend my interest in both finance and writing by contributing towards articles, blogs and other investor education content.
Tavaga provided a great environment to learn and gain practical experience in a fast-growing Fin-Tech world.
This was backed by a very supportive team who was always more than willing to provide exposure in various departments in the organisation, thus contributing to my overall learning and development.


My internship experience at Tavaga was truely great as I got multi-dimensional exposure to different domains.
The best part was I could choose my internship project based on my area of interest.
Work environment was very positive, new ideas were always welcomed and the mentors made sure that I do learn something tangible.


I was an intern at Tavaga in the marketing team where I got to work directly with the founders.
The amount of freedom I got while making decisions and the level of importance I was given in all discussions was unparalleled. I'd like to thank the entire Tavaga team for a great learning experience.


Working with Tavaga was one of the best things to happen to me during my summer internship. In a time where everything was uncertain internship at Tavaga gave a direction for my journey in marketing building my career.
Tavaga not only gave me opportunity to test my learning but also guided me in understanding the fintech segment. It was a great experience working with the senior management and the team who provided us with a perspective of industry.


My Internship at Tavaga during my Masters was a transformational experience for me. I was interning directly under the CEO which made my journey filled with immense learning. Tavaga allowed me to expose myself to a wide range of business units and functions.
This led me to learn a lot about Start-ups, Product development, Capital market, Marketing and much more.
The constant interaction and insights from the team were discerning and thought-provoking. I am really glad to Tavaga for this memorable and enriching learning experience.

Want to Join and grow with Us?

We offer a friendly and challenging work environment for learning and growing in your career. Whether you are a professional or a fresher, to be a part of our growth story send us your resume at careers@tavaga.com and we will get back to you.

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